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AHA!-Newsletter of the MAA 2007 Archive

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  • December
  • Guest Speaker: Tom Grassi, Image Tec Photo; The Fine Art Giclee Reproduction Process
  • Artist Showcase: Natalie Timmons, Watercolor
  • MAA "Art at Home" Show Announcement
  • Membership Dues Change

  • November
  • Guest Speaker: Dan Fenton, Stained and Fused Glass
  • Artist Showcase: Julie Rafuse, Surrealist & Abstract Oil or Acrylic

  • October
  • Guest Speaker: Cameron Bennett, Painter & Illustrator
  • Artist Showcase: Carole Treen, Watercolor

  • September
  • Guest Speaker: Doug Stern, Creative Note Cards
  • Artist Showcase: Bob Bicknell, Photography

  • August
    No Newsletter This Month

  • July
  • Artist of the Year: Yvonne Wheeler
  • First AHA! Newsletter

  • June
  • Annual Banquet Guest Speaker: Frank Moulin, Graphic Designer, Teacher, Fine Artist, and Founding Member of MAA
  • Artist Showcase: Glenna Evans, Abstract Color Photography
  • Artist of the Year Nominees: Diane DeBonville, Nancy Johnson and Yvonne Wheeler

  • May
  • Guest Speaker: Will Cunha, Oil Painting Demonstration from Live Model A Demonstration of a Technique of Painting Over a 6B Lead Pencil Drawing With Oil Pastel and a Medium Comprised of Beeswax and Damar Varnish
  • Artist Showcase - Meet Your Newsletter Volunteers: Betsy Caumer, Pastel; Carolyn Marquis, Multiple Mediums; Melissa Mannon, Portrait & Nature Photography; and Kathy Radford, Digital Photography

  • April
  • Annual Auction
  • Artist Showcase: Joyce Kingman, Watercolor

  • March
  • Guest Speaker: Sue Zaylak, Oil & Realism Is In Style: A Retrospect of the Last 10 Years
  • Artist Showcase: Barbara Scott, Pastel and Oil

  • February
  • Guest Speaker: Stan Moeller, Painter
  • Artist Showcase: Arthur Rounds, Photography

  • January
  • Guest Speaker: Steve Previte, Professional Painter A Critique
  • Artist Showcase: Pat Steiner, Watercolor and Pen & Ink


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